Dr. Saima Salahuddin-Buchholz

Dr. Saima Salahuddin-Buchholz - Consultant Family Medicine 
MBBS, MRCGP(UK), FRACGP (Australia) , Nutritional Medicine (Australia) NLP/ Hypno-therapy – American and UK Boards 
Dr. Saima Salahuddin-Buchholz is a UK trained Family physician who is not only a Physician but is your Specialist of Life. She has acquired skills over important areas of Integrative medicine which enables her to practice a more modern and futuristic way of Healthcare. Although her career started as a usual doctor of Medicine in the UK, she was always praised for excellent patient care and inspiration for her team members. Dr. Salahuddin- Buchholz was awarded several research grants and travel stipends, two best presentations awards, and has a nominated entry in “Who’s Who” in 2003. Her experiences in Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia equipped her with a higher degree of flexibility and understanding of a person beyond the limits of a human body and even cultures. Her interests in Evidence based whole body care led her to recently acquire skills from accredited International Boards and Colleges ( UK, Australia) including but not confined to Nutrition, Genetics, Mind Body Influence and Complimentary Medicine. She regularly attends and participates in CME activities to keep pace with the knowledge base. Dr. Salahuddin-Buchholz therefore has de-veloped unique style of a structured approach not only to treat the Symptoms but the Core Cause of the Disease. She endeavours to empower you with an understanding of and a control over your own Physical and Emotional Health. 
Dr Salahuddin-Buchholz specialises in: 
Tiredness and Fatigue
Bowel problems
Food Intolerances
Nutritional concerns
Women health (menstrual issues, PMS, PCOS, Pre menopause, Menopause etc.) 
Weight Management 
Use of Mind -Body, and Hypno Therapies 
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight Issues
  • Boosting Body Health Defences 
  • Boosting Body defences in any health problem 
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Diabetes/Hypertension/Metabolic Syndrome/Thyroid Issues/Anti-ageing life-style